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Fantasi E Liquid

Welcome to Fantasi e liquid, the home of premium-quality vape juices where you’ll find amazingly authentic, fantastically flavoursome e liquids crafted from only the finest, UK-sourced ingredients.

Fantasi e liquid is exactly what you imagine a premium vape juice manufacturer should be. Our time intensive methods make for flavour intensive liquids, and the incredibly high standards we manage to achieve are only possible when you possess the amount of expertise, passion, and experience we do.

Our Fantasi shortfill e liquid comes in a diverse range of refreshing flavours which include time-tested, fruity fan favourites such as Orange, Strawberry, Mango and Grape, alongside some classic pop flavours like Lemonade or Cola. And for those who enjoy an even more refreshing vape, the Fantasi Ice range incorporates all of your favourite flavours but adds a shot of cooling for maximum refreshment!

Each one has been carefully blended to perfectly mimic the sensation of sipping on an ice-cold can of soda right out of the fridge, and all of our Fantasi e liquid is bottled and manufactured right here in the UK in an ISO 7 clean room using only premium ingredients.

So if fresh, fruity and authentically flavoursome vapes are exactly what you’re looking for then there’s really only one choice and that’s Fantasi e liquid.

Get the Fantasi feeling.

Fantasi Ice E Liquid UK

The Fantasi Ice e liquid UK collection features a full range of juicy flavours super-cooled to perfection. Enjoy refreshing bursts of grapes, oranges, strawberries and more in this sparkling-soda-served-over-ice e liquid collection!

In the Fantasi Ice range you’ll find all your favourite flavours, only this time a shot of cooling has been added to take the temperature right down. That means you’ll get the same juicy, authentic flavour, only this time it arrives with an extra portion of refreshment!

In terms of interest in our Fantasi Ice e liquid UK buyers and international buyers are all welcome to purchase these products. That’s because we offer shipping both domestically and overseas, so regardless of where you’re situated you’re free to purchase our Fantasi Ice e liquid products and we’ll make sure they get to you safely!


Fancy indulging in that familiar Fantasi e liquid flavour, but in a compact, super-convenient disposable unit instead? Then say hello to the Fantasi Mesh Bar disposable vape!

Made from premium-quality ingredients, these disposables come in a range of 12 delicious flavours, and with a luxury full colour exterior, a 550mAh battery and the very latest disposable mesh coil technology, the Fantasi Mesh Bar is ready to take the throw-away vape market to the next level.

Fantasi Wholesale

If you’re in the business of selling vape juices or you’re looking to get involved in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries then you might well be on the lookout for a reliable e liquid wholesale supplier which produces premium-quality products and can help take your company to the next level. If so, we tick all those boxes so take a look at our Fantasi E Liquid wholesale service.

Fantasi E Liquid UK

Hopefully, after reading through our info you’re now ready to become another Fantasi E Liquid UK customer. With that said, if you’re based outside the UK, don’t be put off as we also ship our products overseas – in fact we offer international shipping on all of our products and services.

So whether you want to become a Fantasi E Liquid UK buyer or you’re situated elsewhere and would like us to ship your order overseas, we’re ready to fulfil your wishes and provide premium-quality vape juices wherever you are!