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Best No Nicotine Vape Juice UK – Why it HAS to Be Fanatsi!

The Rise of No Nicotine Vape Juice

Nicotine free e-liquids and vapes have seen a rise in popularity across Britain in recent years. As the vaping industry has grown, so have the options for ex smokers to switch to vaping and eventually cut out nicotine all together.

With non nicotine vape liquids, users can cut their nicotine consumption without losing the familiar feeling of vaping or missing out on delicious flavours. 

If you’re looking to find the perfect no nicotine E Liquid for you then stick around. We’ll tell you what makes a good non nicotine vape juice and why Fantasi is the best option to choose for going nic free. 

Unbeatable flavour image showing fruit and nic salts

Unbeatable Flavour

When it comes to vape juices, you want to experience flavours so intense and delicious that you won’t be missing your nicotine hit. Luckily for us at Fantasi, flavour is what we do best.

Every one of our Fantasi shortfills is packed full of juicy authentic flavour with no trace of nicotine. We’ve got that all important element of variety in our flavours, from specially formulated Ice shortfills that offer a refreshing throat hit, to creative new takes on fruity flavours in our Remix range, we’ve got everything flavour lovers could ask for.

Our flavours are delicious enough to speak for themselves, but we’ve also got a range of glowing customer reviews that really demonstrate the passion our customers have for our Fantasi flavours.

Alongside customer satisfaction, we’ve also got some award winners under our belt like our irresistible Tropical X Thunder that cement Fantasi in the vaping industry as the flavour experts.

Options For All Vapers

We know that all types of vapers should be able to experience our fantastic Fantasi flavours, which is why we’ve developed our zero nicotine shortfills into 50/50 and 70/30 formulas.

50/50 shortfill volumes are perfect for beginners, pod users and those with lower powered devices. With this formula, users can enjoy a smooth, intense flavour that lasts all day thanks to the optional mix of 50%VG and 50%VG. 

If you’re a cloud chaser or you use advanced kits then you’ll be able to use our 70/30 formula to create big vapour clouds whilst enjoying succulent, sweet flavours. This e-liquid has a mix of 70% VG and 30% PG.

Remember that some vapers also purchase nicotine free shortfills so that they can add their own nicotine shots to the vape liquid. We’ve also catered to these vapers too, with extra space in our shortfill bottles to add your choice of 3mg nicotine salt or freebase nicotine.

Value for money image showing small e-liquid bottles

Value For Money

With such a wide variety of non nicotine vape juice on the market, finding a high quality e-liquid can sometimes cost a fortune.

At Fantasi,we’ve cracked the code and achieved the perfect balance between premium-quality vape juices and affordable prices. All of our nicotine free vape liquids use only the finest, expertly sourced ingredients at a price that vapers can afford. 

We’ve also filled all of our nicotine free shortfills with a whopping 100ml of e-liquid so you can enjoy your favourite flavours for as long as possible without having to purchase several smaller 10ml bottles. 

Premium quality image showing floating e-liquid bottles

Premium Quality 

Our manufacturing processes ensure the highest quality and control over all of our Fantasi products. We manufacture all of our own no nic vape liquids in our own ISO 7 Cleanroom right here in the UK. This gives us full control over the outstanding flavours we produce and ensures quality control.

With so many factors in our favour, it’s clear that the best option for your non nicotine ecig liquids is our Fantasi shortfills. Head over to our shortfill page to find the perfect 0mg nicotine e-liquid for you!

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