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Cloud Chaser E Liquid – Why it HAS to be Our Fantasi 70/30 Juice

Cloud Chaser E Liquid

So you’ve picked up a decent sub-ohm device – now all you need is a cloud chaser e liquid and you’ll be ready to vape those thick plumes of ultra-tasty vapour in no time at all!

But let’s face it, the internet is awash with poor-quality vape juices which fail to live up to the promises written on the bottle. Thankfully, though, your days spent vaping sub-standard e liquid are now over as you’ve found Fantasi – the UK’s number 1 supplier of premium-quality vape liquids.

Renowned for our flavoursome, fruity e liquids, we’ve steadily established ourselves as a fan favourite among many vapers across the UK and beyond. What’s more, our 70/30 e liquids are perfect for producing dense vapour, so if you’re searching for a vape juice that’s ideal for cloud-chasing, here’s why it just HAS to be Fantasi!

cloud chaser e liquid -- ingredients

Only the Finest Ingredients

When we set up the Fantasi brand, we realised early on that if you want your e liquids to produce thick, tasty, great-quality vapour then only the finest ingredients will do.

That’s why we made a commitment to excellence, so whether it’s our shortfill 50/50 e liquids, the Fantasi Nic Salts or our Fantasi Bar disposable vapes, only the finest, UK-sourced ingredients are used in our products.

Our 70/30 e liquid contains 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG) so the high proportion of VG means that if you’re a cloud-chaser then this should be just what you’re looking for!

And as mentioned already, we source all of our TPD-compliant ingredients from approved, UK-based suppliers so you can be sure your vape juice meets the highest possible safety and quality standards.

cloud chaser e liquid -- flavour

Unbeatable Flavour

When it comes to flavour, you won’t find a better cloud chaser e liquid than Fantasi. Period.

How can you be so confident about that, we hear you say! That’s because our loyal customers who come back time and time again tell us so, with their repeat custom and the lovely reviews they leave.

But this didn’t just happen by chance. You see, our mixologists have invested countless hours perfecting our recipes to ensure they provide the best flavour possible, and the end result is a range of best-selling vape juices that are alive with the signature, authentic fruit flavour that’s become the Fantasi hallmark.

cloud chaser e liquid -- max refreshment

Maximum Refreshment

When searching for an e liquid, refreshment is high on practically every vaper’s list of priorities, and if you count yourself among them then it’s safe to say the Fantasi 70/30 will not leave you disappointed.

Every Fantasi recipe includes a hint of sparkle to provide that incredible fruit soda sensation, which mimics the feeling of sipping on your favourite can of pop with every hit. And for those who prefer an even more invigorating vape, the Fantasi Ice range uses our regular recipes but adds a shot of cooling to simultaneously take the temperature down and the refreshment level up!

cloud chaser e liquid -- excellent value

Excellent Value with Our Cloud Chaser E Liquid

When it comes to e liquid, the age old saying is true: you get what you pay for. That’s why the bargain basement liquids you see all over the web are never going to provide the best vape.

With that said, that isn’t to say you can’t get good value for money. Before setting up Fantasi, we noticed a gap in the market with a dearth of suppliers willing to offer quality vapes at affordable prices, so we decided it was time to change that.

That’s why we started offering premium e liquids at less-than-premium prices, and while we’ve never claimed to be the cheapest on the market, we do offer top-of-the-range vape liquids at extremely reasonable and competitive prices.

So there we have it – there’s 4 reasons why you should certainly consider Fantasi if you’re on the lookout for a premium cloud chaser e liquid. Along with the unbeatable, authentic taste and guaranteed quality, they also deliver maximum refreshment and excellent value for money.

But don’t just take our word for it, head over to our e-liquid range now and see for yourself!