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E Liquid Bundles

Struggling to settle on a flavour to choose? Like to get your e liquid for the best price possible? If yes, then why not treat yourself to one of our bundles?

We have a great selection of e liquid bundles for when you just can’t decide on a single vape juice, or you just enjoy a bit of variety in your vaping and would like to try multiple flavours! And as well as ensuring you have a great selection of juices, our bundles allow us to offer our vape juice ranges at even better prices. 

So take a look at our 6 bundles and make some great savings on your favourite e liquid flavours!

What ratio of e-liquid are the bundles?

All of our shortfill e liquid bundles feature vape juices that have a 70/30 (VG:PG) ratio.

How much do I save by buying a bundle?

The amount you save will vary depending on the bundle you choose but typically you’ll get a discount of 15% or more. For our regular customers who are fans of a particular e liquid range or flavour combinations this can be a great way to stock up and save some pennies!

Are all these bundles UK made?

Yes, they most certainly are! All of our Vape Bundles are created in our UK facility so we can ensure they meet our high standards. It also ensures we can offer our fast delivery options so we can get your bundle to you as quickly as possible!