fantasi e-liquid uk – Our Story

After starting out with a simple mission to offer great-tasting, high-quality vape juices at a price our customers can afford, the Fantasi brand has steadily established itself as one of the major players in the e-liquid market, and we’re now THE go-to choice for thousands of vapers across the UK and beyond.

Created, developed and produced in the heart of Manchester in the United Kingdom, Fantasi was the brain-child of experienced and passionate vapers who are also partial to a fruity soda every once in a while, and we set out to produce a range of products that encapsulates the magic of both of these indulgences, which is how the Fantasi brand was born.

When we laid out our vision, our aim was to create a selection of e-liquids which simply ooze authentic fruit flavour to provide the best vape imaginable, and after many-an-hour spent tirelessly finetuning our recipes, our mixologists managed to perfect the Fantasi flavour profiles with our range of fresh, fruity and insanely flavoursome vapes.

Perfect for vapers seeking authentic taste, each flavour has been rigorously developed to achieve maximum satisfaction and help turn Fantasi into the international best-seller it is today.

fantasi e-liquid uk – Pharma-Grade Manufacturing

Here at Fantasi we believe that when it comes to producing premium-quality e-liquids, it all starts with the manufacturing process.

That’s why we’re committed to using only the finest, UK-sourced, TPD-compliant ingredients, while all of our vape juices are manufactured in-house in our very own Manchester-based ISO7 cleanroom to ensure the highest possible quality and safety standards are met.

Our facilities conform to all Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) standards and each of our expert mixologists surpass Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards which ensures our products are created in a contaminant-free and environmentally-friendly way.

Our time intensive methods make for flavour intensive liquids that only a team possessing the right amount of expertise, passion, and experience can create. We believe that e-liquid manufacture is an art and these flavours should receive the same care and attention you’d expect with any other finely-crafted products, which is why you can expect impeccable quality and unbeatable flavour with any Fantasi product.


For those who want to take their refreshment level up another notch, the Fantasi Ice range features all of the flavours in our standard range – only this time a shot of cooling has been added to take the temperature right down.

Perfect for those who like a cool blast but would rather avoid the minty overpowering flavour of menthol, the Fantasi Ice delivers all the usual fruity flavour, but with an extra layer of refreshment.

So indulge in all of your favourite flavours but with that little refreshing kick to awaken the senses – the Fantasi Ice e-liquid UK is for vapers who like it cool!