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Fantasi Vape Juice

When we first set off on our journey, our intention was simple: we wanted to create the freshest, fruitiest and most refreshing vapes money can buy. But considering we’re operating in such a competitive (some might even say saturated) market, how exactly would we achieve that aim?

Firstly, we knew the most important thing to get right with our shortfill e liquid was the taste, so our team of expert mixologists set to work creating a range of flavours that would turn us into the best-selling brand we are today.

But while taste is obviously important, we want more than just great flavour when we vape – we want bags full of refreshment to go with it! That’s why we decided to add a hint of sparkle and a dash of cooling to perfectly recreate that soda-over-ice sensation. Because nothing quite beats sipping on a cold can of fruit-flavoured pop, and our Fantasi vape juice flavours perfectly recreate that unforgettable experience!

Fantasi E Liquid UK

At Fantasi, we believe that if you want great-tasting, high-quality vape juices then it all starts with the production process. As any good baker will tell you, you can’t make a delicious cake if you’re using poor, substandard ingredients, and the manufacture of e liquid is no different. That’s why we use only the finest, UK-sourced ingredients in all of our Fantasi vape juice, to provide the high-quality vaping experience we know you expect.

Furthermore, when it comes to Fantasi e liquid UK consumers can rest assured that all of our products are TPD-compliant, which means they meet the rigorous safety and quality standards set out by the

So, for an e liquid manufacturer that produces high-quality, TPD-compliant vape juices, Fantasi ticks all the right boxes and then some. When we say Fantasi vape juice is premium, we really mean it!