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what is a shortfill vape

What is a Shortfill Vape? All Your Questions Answered

What is a Shortfill Vape and How Does it Differ? If you’re new to vaping then chances are you’re a tad overwhelmed by all the strange jargon you’ve had to contend with since taking up your new hobby. From drip tips and cloud chasers to throat hits and vaper’s tongue – for newbies it can […]

how long do vape coils last

How Long Do Vape Coils Last & How Often Should They Be Replaced?

How Long Do Vape Coils Last and When is it Time for a Change? How long do vape coils last? In the interests of enjoying an optimised vaping experience, it’s a question every vaper should know the answer to! That’s because vape coils play an integral role in the vaping process so it’s essential they’re […]

best no nicotine vape juice uk -- FANTASI!

Best No Nicotine Vape Juice UK – Why it HAS to Be Fanatsi!

What’s the Best No Nicotine Vape Juice UK? In search of the best no nicotine vape juice UK vapers? Then you’ve found just the place with our nicotine-free Fantasi e-liquid! For the vast majority of us vapers, the use of an e-cig is simply a means to quit smoking. After starting off on a strong […]

why does vaping hurt my throat

Why Does Vaping Hurt My Throat? Let’s Find Out!

Why Does Vaping Hurt My Throat? Why does vaping hurt my throat? It’s a question many of us vapers have asked ourselves at one time or another, but in truth the issue can be difficult to diagnose, particularly if you’re a beginner. If your vape causes discomfort when you use it, this can be down […]

cloud chaser e liquid

Cloud Chaser E Liquid – Why it HAS to be Our Fantasi 70/30 Juice

Cloud Chaser E Liquid So you’ve picked up a decent sub-ohm device – now all you need is a cloud chaser e liquid and you’ll be ready to vape those thick plumes of ultra-tasty vapour in no time at all! But let’s face it, the internet is awash with poor-quality vape juices which fail to […]

Sweet Flavoured E Liquid – A Hand-Picked Selection of Our Best-01

Sweet Vape Liquid – A Hand-Picked Selection of Our Best

Sweet Vape Liquid  Let’s face it, we all love a sweet vape liquid every now and then! Even if you’re someone who prefers the fruitier e-juices (nothing wrong with that), we guarantee you still like to indulge in a sinfully sweet vape every once in a while! Whether you’re partial to the taste of fruit […]

sub zero e liquid

Sub Zero E Liquid – Take the Temperature Down With Fantasi Ice!

Why Fantasi Ice Should be Your Go-To Sub Zero E Liquid For some vapers, it’s all about the refreshment which is why many turn to sub zero e liquid to get their fresh flavour fix. If you’re a vaper with high standards and only the most refreshing, flavoursome vapes will do, then luckily you came […]