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Fantasi Nic Salts

The Fantasi Nic Salt range features an array of deliciously mouth-watering vapes. Bursting with authentic fruit flavours and with a hint of sparkle, these e-liquids perfectly recreate the feeling of sipping on your favourite can of fruit soda.

Available in either 10mg or 20mg strengths, our Fantasi nic salt juice delivers a strong hit of nicotine – but without the usual throat hit you get from regular freebase nicotine.

Our Fantasi Nic Salt range comes in 10ml bottles, but if you’re looking for something a little more substantial then you could always pick up a bottle of Fantasi shortfill and add your own nicotine with a nic salt shot or two.

Fantasi Nic Salts Flavours

Choose from a wide range of flavours including the tropical tastes Fantasi Mango and Fantasi Watermelon, or if you’d prefer something a little less exotic you could opt for our time-tested classics such as the Fantasi Orange and Fantasi Cherry flavours. We also produce soda sensations in the form of the Fantasi Lemonade and Fantasi Cola so there really is something for everyone in the Fantasi Nic Salts range.

Fantasi Ice Nic Salts

For something even more invigorating, pick up a Fantasi Ice Nic Salts e liquid which promises to deliver maximum refreshment! This product range features all of your favourite flavours, the only difference is they’ve been given a shot of cooling to turn down the temperature and turn up the refreshment!

What are Nic Salts?

If you’ve just stumbled across this type of e-liquid for the very first time, you might well be wondering ‘what is nic salt juice’.

Nicotine salt e liquids – also known as nic salts – have become an increasingly popular option in recent years with many vapers now choosing this type of nicotine over the standard freebase option. But what are nic salts and what benefits do they bring to the table?

Made from the naturally occurring salt nicotine found in tobacco leaves, nic salts are naturally smoother than regular nicotine, meaning vapers are able to vape stronger liquids but without the harsh throat hit you get with freebase nicotine. This makes them ideal for those just making the switch from smoking – or anyone who prefers a stronger e liquid but would rather enjoy a smoother vaping experience.

When combined in a 50/50 PG/VG mix, nic salts ensure the smoothest possible vape regardless of whether you’re a mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-to-lung (DTL) vaper!

What Strength Nic Salts Should You Use?

What strength nic salts you use will depend on your own individual preferences. If you’re someone who likes your vape juice ultra-smooth and you don’t require something too strong, the 10mg nic salts will strike the perfect balance between flavour and nicotine content.

Alternatively, if you’d like a vape juice which delivers a stronger hit of nicotine, while still maintaining that smooth balance of flavour, the 20mg nic salts would be more suitable.

Either way, whether you choose the 10mg nic salts or the 20mg nic salts, you can be sure you’re getting a smooth, high-quality and great-tasting vape when you purchase anything from the Fantasi Nic Salts range.

What Device Uses Nic Salts?

Theoretically, you could use any device with your nic salts because they come in a 50/50 ratio. With that said, for an optimised vaping experience you should vape this type of e liquid with a plus-ohm kit such as a starter kit or pod system.

Not only will these types of devices help you achieve the best flavour possible, but they’ll also deliver a controlled amount of vapour, unlike sub-ohm devices which produce much thicker clouds, raising the chances of you receiving a higher-than-necessary dose of nicotine!

Best Nic Salts UK

Looking for the best nic salts UK manufacturer? Then you’ve come to the right place! Rated as some of the best e-liquids across the land, there’s a reason our customers keep coming back for our nic salt juice again and again!

We use only the finest, UK-sourced ingredients, and all of our e liquids are manufactured in our very own ISO7 cleanroom, meaning high-quality products are guaranteed each and every time.

So if you’re on the hunt for the best nic salts UK manufacturer then call off the search party as you’ve found it with Fantasi!

Nic Salts UK

When selling nic salts UK vendors should always conform to the Tobacco Products Derivative’s (TPD’s) regulations. These rules set out by the TPD regulate the vaping industry putting limits on things like the strength of e-liquid or the size of tanks we’re legally allowed to sell.

With this in mind, we’ve noticed some of our competitors selling extremely high-strength nic salts, some of them as high as 50mg. If you come across these, steer well clear as they’re way above what’s allowed to be sold in this country. These products are unlikely to meet adequate quality and safety standards, so avoid them like the plague and remember any nic salts UK vendor should be following the TPD’s rules.