Fantasi 70/30

At Fantasi headquarters, our scientists have worked tirelessly to create a scrumptious selection of 70/30 e-liquids just for you, cloud chasers! Formulated with higher VG, these shortfills have been designed to maximise both flavour and vapour without compromise. 

There’s a Fantasi flavour to suit even the pickiest vapers, from fragrant fruits to fizzy drinks. The only thing better than a fizzy drink is it being ice cold, and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved with our Ice shortfills. Enjoy our luscious Lemonade flavour with a cooling throat hit just like a cold glass of the real deal!

Don’t vape with high powered devices? We’ve got scrumptious 50/50 shortfills too so you can still enjoy our expertly crafted vape juices. Our 70/30 shortfills are perfect as they are, but we’ve given you space to add your freebase of nicotine salts should you need that nic hit. 

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