Orange 70/30 – Fantasi Vape Juice


Thanks to our selection of delicious, premium-quality Fantasi vape juice, Fantasi has firmly established itself as a fan favourite and international best-seller, loved by vapers across the UK and beyond.

Committed to excellence, we produce all of our e-liquids in our Manchester-based clean room using only the finest, UK-sourced ingredients.

Our 70/30 e-liquids are best when paired with a sub-ohm device. Not only does the higher proportion of vegetable glycerin (VG) make for a smoother vaping experience, but you’re guaranteed those thick clouds of tasty vapour we all know and love!


  • Vegetable Glycerine (70%)
  • Propylene Glycol (30%)
  • Fantasi Orange Trademarked Flavouring
  • Fantasi Soda Flavouring
Orange 70/30 - Fantasi Vape Juice £11.99

Our first ever flavour, one taste of the Fantasi Orange e-liquid and you’ll see exactly why it’s still one of the most popular vape juices in our entire range!

Brimming with all the flavours of ripe, citrusy oranges, this e-liquid packs as many juicy fruit flavours into every bottle as possible. And with a hint of sparkle providing that refreshing soda sensation, every puff tastes like a sip of a cold can of orange pop on a hot summer’s day!

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0mg, 3mg

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No Nicotine, Standard, Salt


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