Strawberry Ice 70/30 – Fantasi Vape Juice


Our Fantasi brand is known and loved across the UK and beyond due to the monumental success of our premium-quality Fantasi Ice range.

Each of our e-liquids is manufactured in our Manchester-based facility using only the best pharma-grade, UK-sourced ingredients, so quality is absolutely guaranteed!

Our 70/30 e-liquids are ideal for vapers using a sub-ohm device. Using this type of liquid with your sub-ohm device will not only produce those thick clouds you crave, but the super-smooth vapour will be kind on your throat!


  • Vegetable Glycerine (70%)
  • Propylene Glycol (30%)
  • Fantasi Strawberry Trademarked Flavouring
  • Fantasi Ice Flavouring
  • Fantasi Soda Flavouring
Strawberry Ice 70/30 - Fantasi Vape Juice £11.99

Are you someone who just can’t get enough of the magical taste of strawberry soda? Then you’ll absolutely love our Fantasi Strawberry Ice e-liquid!

Each bottle is loaded with as many authentic strawberry flavours as we could cram in, and everything is served over a refreshingly cool bed of ice to perfectly recreate the unmistakable feeling of sipping on your favourite can of soda!

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No Nicotine, Standard, Salt


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