NRG Ice Fantasi Bar Juice Vape Liquid


Enjoy the burst of the distinct taste of our NRG Ice Bar Juice. Do you love that tangy taurine taste of a can fresh out of the fridge? If so, this is the e-liquid for you. Bursting with sweetness and an icy cool throat hit, this is the ultimate flavour for any energy drink lover.

This 10ml e-liquid packs a punch with our special 50/50 formula that offers powerful tastes just like your favourite disposables.

For the ultimate vaping sensation, we’ve blended our vape liquid with nicotine salt. In 10mg or 20mg strengths, this nicotine will give you a smooth nicotine hit to accompany our delicious flavours.

NRG Ice Fantasi Bar Juice Vape Liquid £3.99

NGR Ice Fantasi Bar Juice Vape Liquid 10ml

Key Features

  • Try our Bar Juices if you love the burst of flavour in disposables. This NGR Ice offers the same intense energy drink flavour as disposable vapes would.
  • Brilliant value for money, a tiny 10ml bottle is worth the same as 5 disposable vapes!
  • All-natural flavouring and no nasty chemical tastes so you can enjoy a delicious vaping experience.
  • A smooth, delicious blast of nicotine salts with each inhale, great for satisfying cravings.
  • Worried about being eco-friendly? Our 10ml bottle is fully recyclable!
  • A perfectly balanced 50/50 formula gives you premium taste and clouds!
  • Use this Bar Juice in pod devices and vape pens.
Flavour NRG, Ice, Soda
Ratio 50VG/50PG
Bottle Size 10ml
Nicotine Strength 10mg, 20mg
Nicotine Types Nicotine Salts
Manufactured Britain
TPD Compliant Yes


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