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What is a Shortfill Vape? All Your Questions Answered

What is a shortfill vape image showing how shortfill bottles work

What is a Shortfill E Liquid?

If you’re new to vaping it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the strange jargon you’ll encounter as you begin your vaping journey. The term ‘shortfill’ is one that regularly confuses newcomers.

Shortfills are a fairly new invention, cropping up around 2017, but what is a shortfill exactly? In this guide we’ll cover what shortfills are, how to use them and the difference between shortfills and other e-liquids.

Shortfills Explained

In 2017, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) was introduced in the UK and new regulations regarding the sale and production of vapes and e-liquids were introduced. Amongst several new rules, one rule introduced a limit to the amount of nicotine containing e-liquid that could be sold in a single bottle. Prior to this there was no restriction, but the TPD stated that nicotine e-liquids could only be sold in 10ml bottles or less.

Vapers and manufacturers alike were negatively impacted by this new restriction, with customers having to pay more money for smaller bottles, use more of their time to refill the vapes and create more plastic waste.

In order to combat this issue and provide vapers with a more cost effective, convenient way of vaping, the shortfill was introduced. A shortfill bottle is a bottle filled with nicotine free e-liquid of any chosen flavour that has extra space for customers to add their own nicotine shots. 

There are no restrictions surrounding nicotine free e-liquids and this invention allowed vapers to create their own e-liquid with a customised level of nicotine in a large bottle that can be used for vaping straight away.

Adding nicotine shots to shorfills is also quick and simple, just open the lid of your shortfill bottle and nicotine shot bottle, place the nic shot over the shortfill bottles nozzle and squeeze in the contents. Add your desired nicotine amount, reseal your shortfill and then shake to mix. Now you’ve got a big bottle of e-liquid you can use straight away.

Shortfill Sizes

Now you know what shortfills are, it’s time to learn about the different strengths and measurements available. We sell two different sized shortfill bottles, one with a capacity of 100ml and one with a capacity of 120ml.

If you choose to buy a shortfill with no nicotine, you’ll receive a 100ml bottle of e-liquid filled to the top. If you choose to buy a shortfill with nicotine you will receive a 120ml capacity bottle filled with a different amount of e-liquid based on how much nicotine you have selected.

You can choose between either freebase nicotine or nicotine salt at either 3mg or 6mg strengths. As an example of measurements, if you selected any type of nicotine at 6mg you would receive a 120ml capacity bottle prefilled with 80ml of your chosen e-liquid. You’ll also receive 4x10ml 6mg nicotine bottles to add to your shortfill to make up the maximum capacity of 120ml inside your bottle.

Alternatively, if you opted for 100ml juice at 3mg nicotine strength then you’d receive 2 x 10ml nicotine shots to create the total bottle volume of 120ml.

Who Are Shortfills For?

Shortfills appeal to many vapers for a range of different reasons. One is that they are a great option if you prefer to vape lower volumes of nicotine like 3mg or 6mg. Shortfills also allow for a more customisable nicotine experience with options for both freebase nicotine and nic salts to mix into your liquids.

Shortfills are also ideal for people who vape often as they provide a larger quantity of liquid to vape. It can be easy to get through several small 10ml bottles of nic salt or bar juice, so if you’re wanting to enjoy your vape juice for longer, then shortfills are a great option.

Flavour lovers might also be drawn to shortfills due to the sheer range of flavours available in shortfill e-liquids. From fizzy drinks to fruity treats and even Remix flavours, the possibilities for shortfill flavours are endless and this is great for vapers who love trying new delicious E Liquids.

Shortfills are additionally a great option for both Sub Ohm and lower powered vape users. Shortfills come in volumes of both 50/50 and 70/30. This means that they’re suitable for use by cloud chasing vapers and beginners alike. 

By now we hope that we’ve answered all your shortfill questions and you’re now ready to get vaping! If you’ve still got questions about vaping and devices, you can check out our dedicated news page with a range of blogs to help you get to grips with vaping jargon.

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